FBGSC Games Night

Sunday, February 17 (President's Day weekend)
Braxton Clubhouse in Chesterfield, VA
$5 and a dessert or side dish to pass for 12
BUNCO at 7. 

This is an informal gathering for all members and their FBG guests. I usually have team games and individual games where you can call out an answer if you know it, low pressure stuff.  When you arrive, put your name on a piece of paper in the box for the drawing. We play Bunco, a game of chance with dice, at 7pm. Every time you win a round or get a Bunco, put your name in the box again. At the end of the night, last year's winner draws the winner for this year, a $50 Amazon gift card! If you just want to watch and be a cheerleader, you can do that too!

FBGSC Annual Toast
Sunday, February 17 
Your house or Games Night
9pm EST

A toast to the contribution that first born girls make to the world! Have a FBGSC friend over and toast! Better yet, FaceTime or Skype someone at Games Night and toast along with us!

OBX Weekend

April 10-14, 2019

Outer Banks, North Carolina

We have rented a mansion for 20+ members to enjoy. Read a book, shop, go to the beach, swim in the pool, hang out in the hot tub, watch a movie in the house theater room...breakfast and dinner included.

2010 Convention Photo

2009 Convention Photo